Now you can get beautiful with 100% natural and longer looking eyebrows in a matter of weeks. Yes, Idol Lash eyelash enhancer solution is a completely natural solution for getting longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes of your own within weeks. The fact that it has been rated at top class product by the Natural Products Associate, speaks volume about both the quality and efficacy of this product and claim to create eyelashes

  • 25% Longer
  • 82% Thicker

The makers are committed to using 100% natural ingredients and specialize in creating products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Be it on the national media or skin care product review sites or even general customer feedback; Idol Lash has a rare distinction of being able to please all at one go.


Idol Lash Ingredients

So what are the key ingredients that are used to make Idol Lash which guarantee flawless and enhanced eyelashes naturally? Here is a quick lowdown on the top products:

  • Kelp Extract: This is one natural element that is packed with naturally hair boosting elements. It is high in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, and E, Calcium as well as iodine. Additionally, this extract is also a rich source of Laminaria Angustata which is also a great catalyst to thicken hair. These work together, as a result, to make your lashes appear denser and longer with regular use. They also act as an active stimulating agent for hair growth around your lashes.
  • Honey Extract: This is another widely used natural ingredient popular for its many benefits. Well apart from the overall health benefits of honey that you already know of, honey is also a powerful source of instantly improving the moisture retaining the ability of hair. This not only makes your eyelashes silky and soft but adds a dash of youthful glow in it as well. Moreover honey helps in safeguarding your eyelashes from getting dry, especially due to weather conditions and adds the natural repairing mechanism to work perpetually to keep them looking beautiful. Also by keeping the moisture content intact, honey ensures a longer life cycle for your product.
  • Nettle: This natural ingredient, as well as a common wild growing plant, is often considered the very backbone of strong and long eyelashes. They help in improving the overall strength of the hair shaft and strengthen the root of the hair. Often used to treat chronic conditions that include baldness, Nettle is a sure solution for dealing with hair loss related issues. Therefore, bottled in the Idol Lash solution for better eyelashes, they guarantee both hair growth and length of your eyelashes.

Apart from these three primary products, Idol Lash comprises of many other key products that can ensure better eyelash growth. These include

  • Chamomile
  • Alfalfa
  • Clinically Verified

The biggest boost for the Idol Lash product and its efficiency is no doubt the fact that it a clinically proven alternative to help you develop longer and better looking lashes. The makers have tried every possible step in this regard to confirm its efficiency.

The study and a broad range survey highlighted the fact that you can get as much as

  • 82% more dense eyelashes in just 2-4 weeks
  • The length of your eyelashes could increase nearly 25% in the same period.

All that the subjects under study had to do was applying the Idol Lash appropriately once every night. Those tested continued to use the product regularly for two weeks or more and ensured regular application. The surprising fact about the clinical study conducted was that it almost ensured uniform results all across the board.

The fact that the users did not complain of any irritation or other side effects after the application is a major plus clinically. It surely helps that it is 100% natural and side effects are next to nil, in this case, making it safe even for those with sensitive eye and skin.


About Idol Lash

The overall company has been winning accolades for close to two decades now for its uncompromising commitment to quality. This firm was established in 2002 and since then has become a trusted name in the healthcare and beauty segment. The makers are dedicated to creating safe and natural products whose efficiency speaks for them. The commitment to quality and maintaining product originality has led to the creation of several well researched and pioneering health and beauty solutions.

The greatest strength is surely the ability to combine the latest technological innovations and the best products available to create some winning formulas dedicated to a more beautiful and confident you. This has also perhaps spearheaded the perpetual commitment to quality and continuous excelling in the field of maintaining a premium product line-up. The customers are no doubt in a win-win situation getting the best option that money could buy at a given value.

More than the positive reviews by experts, the thumbs up that Idol Lash receives from literally every customer who uses it speaks volumes about the efficiency and superiority of the line-up.


How to Use Idol Lash

That said it brings us to the next most important fact about how to apply this miracle eyelash enhancing solution. Well, the fact is that Idol Lash is very simple to use and takes hardly 5 mins for proper application. In just three steps, you can get 25% longer eyelashes in 2-4 weeks.

After you have removed your make up using a cleanser, you have to apply the Idol Lash at the very base of eyelash and just go off to sleep. It will work its magic while you are sleeping.


The Idol Lash, therefore, is the most natural and effective way to get great looking eyelashes which are natural and healthy too. The fact that it can be ordered online easily further add to the appeal and its track record of zero side effects make it a safe bet for many with sensitive eye conditions too.